Story Tree

Parts of a Story Tree:
A. Roots [The parts of the main story, Colossus, Eptian etc.and/or backstory]
B. Trunk, bole [the main story, the Eptian]
C. Crown, canopy [the various stories that break out from from the main story, Eptih’s journey]

Major threads (branches)
Minor Threads (branchlet)
Supplemental Stories
interjecting Stories

1. Branches
2. Branchlet
3. Leaves
4. Fruit

Giant Sketchbook

Giant Sketchbook is not finished but is nearing completion.


Starting a new project called Tatterwoven. This will be a site to house a large portion of the, as yet unwritten, scuderia. The Site will also include many small bits of story not associated with any particular story. The point is to fill Tatterwoven with quickly written and unedited material that for the most part will be related to the stories of the Myth Syndicate Scuderia.

See the developing Tatterwoven site here.

Trip to the liquor story, James 31910

Trip to the liquor story
James 03/19/10
Today I went to the liquor store. I was met at the door by a beastly figure who had watched my approach from a long way off and who seemed intent on causing me trouble. Words were spoken, although few I understood, and when hand was laid upon me I became my real self, the self I must conceal so as to make my way in society. I beat this pig and I beat him until my fury was quenched and covered in his blood I proceeded inside the liquor store and to the cooler to grab a soda, the cool air poured over me when I opened the door making every sweat bead turn cold. The foreign, turban wearing man at the counter yelled in some ridiculous language and when I handed him the money, drops of blood fell to the counter. Feeling a pain in my hand I looked down and saw a tooth lodged in my knuckle and so I pulled it out. The turbaned man waved his hand about, pointing at the blood, refusing to take my money, speaking his nonsense and so I left the store without the soda and leaving I stepped over the beast lying in the puddle of blood and dropped his tooth on him. I will not be welcomed back to the liquor store I imagine, although those turban wearers seem to be very mercantile.

Myth Project

The following stories are to be  be compiled into a single book of tales entitled “Myth”.

The “James” series of stories
Super Derivative
Dead Followers
An Angel of Sorts
Carrion Twins
The Favi Babies
Plastic Battalion
Blood Threads
cn:The Hike
The Diamond Ring
The “Copious” series of stories.

New Story: Bolide

Myth Syndicate has started a new short story called Bolide.

It is about a man who is living trapped in complete boredom, or a least what he thinks is boredom,  that is so intense it causes his latent psychopathic nature to surface in a violent and tragic explosion. No telling if the boredom is an excuse to realize his true self or if has just gone completely crazy.

The first part, which is a rough draft version, has been posted here.

New Vethrian Website

There is a new website for the Vethrian. This new site is a (hub site) and as such all the various Vethrian components can be accessed from one location.

You can see the new Vethrian website here. [ ]

New Story Added to Vethrian Mythology

New Story Added to Vethrian Mythology
A new addition to the Vethrian Mythology blog. This one is The Tragic Story of Young Rhosrc and the Siradyt Girl Gictra. This story is background information for one of the major characters of the Vethrian story, Rhosrc.
See this super short story here.

A new addition has been added to the Vethrian Mythology blog. This one is “The Tragic Story of Young Rhosrc and the Siradyt Girl Gictra”.

This story is background information from the youth of one of the major characters of the Vethrian story, Rhosrc.

See this super short story here.

Eptian 69 Posted


A new episode of the Vethrian has been posted. You can see it here.

To start at the beginning of the story go here.

Development of a Painting

This series of images follows the development of a quick sketch into a complete painting. 

Stage One: The quick sketch on paper

Stage Two: Proper sketch on large board, ready for paint

Stage Three: First Layer of Paint

Stage Four: Flesh base coat and more paint layers 

Stage Five: More Layers of paint with Flesh undercoat shadowing

Stage Six: More paint layers, flesh, shadows and gloss (Finished) 

The final painting is 2’x4′ and is not yet named.

Myth Syndicate

Myth Syndicate creates stories.